Rear Shock Upgrade L200/1, L500/1, L600/1 (Mira, Move Centro)

I made this about a month ago. It is poop quality as is most of my you tube’s. You can work it out though. I have quite a few other daihatsu video’s. You may find something interesting so have a look if you like. :slight_smile:


Ive done this upgrade on my L500… the x2 shocks DO NOT extend as far as the stock L500 shocks, they are about 1.5inch shorter… so if using the stock springs, they will be at full extension while sitting, and are far too stiff to drive, the car spends its time bouncing on the tyres with limited rear suspension travel…
I will be changing back to the stocko shockies as the x2 ones are shit

each to their own.