Rear spring perches


I saw that @BoldEagle installed adjustable rear coilover perches (I think that’s name) on his l7.

(the adjustable ring on top of the rear spring.)

I was trying to find this part for my L7 but can’t find much about this. I found some for a 350Z in America.
Does anyone know where I can find a fitting part for my L7, preferably in Europe?


Malaysia maybe?

You can find them as part of the bc racing coilovers set. I couldn’t find them without the rest of the kit but I’m not one of the best to find stuff

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I have the same problem haha. It seems impossible to find them separate. I will do some research on the universal ones, see if something fits.

They come for sale separately about every week on Yahoo Auction Japan/Buyee. I’ve been trying to win a set but I’ve been outbid on my sniper bids a few times already. Seems they sell for around 100-150eur.

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Damn, thanks for spreading the info though man. Appreciate it!

They look simple enough for anybody with a good-sized lathe to fabricate themselves

You have a good sized lathe I could borrow? xD

Whenever I needed something special customly made, I would use the rear entrance of a machine shop and pay someone cash for fabricating whatever I needed.
They only time I’ve had bad luck contacting something like that out was when I approached a shop teacher at a local technical school. The hub of which was returned to me was so sloppily machined that I couldn’t use it anymore. And to think that this was the shop teacher who bodged it. I could tell before hand that he wasn’t thrilled about doing the work in the first place. Maybe, it was his way of conveying to me that I need not return for contracting more work?