Rear springs

Hi guys. I’ve lowered the front of my l7 on coilovers, on the rear I’m on 30mm lowering springs, but they’re quite soft. Is there any ideas on stiffening the rear? Or other springs I can run? I don’t want to smash my tyres to bits but need to bring it down.

Not sure what “quite soft” means. What is your front spring rate? What do you hope to achieve? On just about every Dai (4x4 excl), to transform it into something that will handle really well, you will want a “soft” front end (stay close to the factory rate which will be about 150lb/sq in) and on the rear double or triple the rate (could end up 400-500lb/sq in). The “need to bring it down” is I assume so have it look a certain way or aesthetics. There is no easy way to get race car handling in a front wheel drive without severely ramping up the spring rate and loosing rear ride quality (big sway bar are the option for some but not as effective as correcting spring rate). Measure the wire diamter, count the number of coils, measure the springs captive and uninstalled length and find an on line calculator to get the rate. If you can do that I can give a recommendation on rear springs.

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Thank you! Sorry I’ve been vague. I will get some measurements. So I’m not after decent handling, I’m using VW polo front coilovers, they are stiff and feel good. My rear springs are the basic 30mm lowering springs on ebay made by Lo, I guess the answer would be stiffer springs. I just want less travel as my wheels are quite wide I don’t want to catch the guards.