RedDai. (Sirion M300)

So, here’s my redDai, also known as Reddye (rode verf).
Its gonna be a back up car as soon as my polo steilheck is running. (Changed the 29kw engine for a 55kw one and added cbr900rr cv carbs. Need to fine tune it)

So what to do with redDai?
*Shifting sucks. Likange problem.
*allready mounted new mini alloys. Handles even better. Looks amazing.
*add my old sound system (eq, 2 amps, jbl’s and a Rockford Fosgate punch subwoofer. :facepunch:
*removing rear muffler for a better sound.
*would like to swap single key and remote for a modern keyfob.
*ABS sensor comes on and off. So no rush there. Probably a lose contact. (Obd says left and right.)
Other than that is works perfect. Still almost a year MOT/APK left.


There are keys available with build in remote. Most companies that duplicate keys can get them for you.

The symbol circled in red is to upload photos.

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Of if using a pc with windows you can use snipping tool and paste it in the box you type in.


thanks, couldn’t find that cause i was using my cellphone.

On a phone click the upload icon


Another M3. Nice. How do you plan on removing the rear muffler? The exhaust is 1 piece front to back and without the rear muffler it’s really loud. Just wait until the exhaust breaks (which it will do) at the rear muffler and you can hear it for yourself xD

Abs is an problem. You can try to clean the abs sensor since rust from the brakes will accumulate on the magnetic sensor itself. If the light comes on just shut te car of and restart it and the light will stay off.

I know, thats why it is not that important. At a yaris you can unplug the sensor from the outside. with the M3 its just taking out the compleet assembly. No biggie there though…

And the exhaust… Something other must replace this muffler. perhaps from a fireblade or something. Still exploring that thought.