Remote door locks + vibrating gear stick

Hey all,

When in bought my Sirion 2 the seller didn’t have the remote door key. Does anyone know where I can find one? I tried all the local wreckers and the internet but 0 to be found. Is there an AliExpress key I could use?

And does anyone else have the problem of the gear stick making a ticking noise while driving on the highway? It feels like there is some play up and down (and allot from side to side when in gears) but I can’t find out how and if I can adjust that play. There seems to be no problem with the gearbox itself. When I hold the stick the noise stops and it driving me mad xD

I hope that someone has some advice on what to do :slight_smile:

probably worn rubber bushes in where the gear stick joins to the gear linkage by the sound of it.


Okay I’ll get under the car to check that. Thank you!

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I have the same problem on my M100 Sirion… the bushes worn out. But for me the noise starts and stops when I engage the cluch at 1st gear and start the car.

As for your other problem, you could buy from aliexpress a new remote lock mechanism with the controlers and you are set. You can even buy a flip key and a blade for daihatsu to put it all together! Just use the chip of a spare key to your new flip key and you are set to go!

Here is a video:

Here are some parts you will need from AliExpress:


The flip key case:


And the key blade:

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Damn that is allot of links thanks for that :slight_smile: but I’m afraid that I don’t trust these alie express keylocks. You can’t make 2 keys and a control unit for 6 dollars and if you do, you have cut some important (safety) corners. Was just hoping that there is a way to get genuine Daihatsu remotes. I only have the 2 normal keys and am not willing to sacrifice one for a remote. Just a generic simple key without remote is around 80 euros so i think I have to wait till someone crashes a Daihatsu who still has the remote key xD

But the sound your gearbox makes reminds me of an bearing issue with the clutch. Mine also makes a slight noise when in neutral. That’s nothing to worry about and the bearing can survive for some km before quiting. I can’t remember the english word for the bearing but to me it sounds like the druklager (maybe some other Dutchy knows the correct english term). Maybe I’m wrong (good possibility) but you can always check with a mechanic :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for the links!

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If you don’t want to destroy an original key, there is always the option to buy a chip for the emobilizer and take it to a programmer, with youe black key. He will program the new chip and you are ready to go.

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I just realized that I might misunderstood you. Can those remote key fobs be ‘installed’ to work with the original computer? If so then I would buy some alie express keys only. I know the original Daihatsu keys can work on any Daihatsu. Those keys are simply an transmitter. I don’t need an key fob which can also start the engine. I’m fine with those two separate :slight_smile: currently the local garage is looking for a set which will restore the gear lever but I’m afraid that he will charge an extreme amount. They really don’t like people who work on their own cars.

I don’t know IF they can work with a daihatsu computer.

My idea was that, you will intall this computer on the car and you will connect the central (driver side) lock, with the computer to lock and unlock it remotly.

You can also make the windows close automaticly when you lock the car (asuming they are electrical).

Also the remotes need to be intalled to the computer. There is a button into the casing. So, every remote has a uniqe “wave” and only if you intall it to the computer will work on your car!

After that works,and if you want, you can buy a flip key to have one unit (key and remote). But you will need :

  1. the flip key,
  2. a daihatsu blade,
  3. and if you don’t want to destroy one of your keys, buy a immobilizer chip, take it to a programmer to install it on your ecu…

And there! You have your self a new remote unlocking key!

I think, according to the shape of the remotes, the computer is a copy of the KIA mechanism.

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Okay I’ll look into some. I would like to keep things as ‘OEM’ as possible so preferably a key which will work with the original computer. Maybe a replacement computer which will plug right in but cutting wires etc wont work for me. Thanks again for mentioning them.

I never had a car with remote keys so I’m used to opening the doors manually so I’m not really in an rush :slight_smile:

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I also found an manual (thanks to this forum) which will tell what steps you can do to check the gear mechanism for play. But that will have to wait till next year before I’ll be able to crawl under the car and see what’s worn.

You know, it’s not different than having an alarm system on your car… you still get the remotes, that will work on your central locking system. But with the alarm, you will get the alarm too! So, there’s that!

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Probably everything except the rods!! LoL!

Also, you can take out the central console of the gear shifter, under the console, you will find a locking pin, take it out with a set of pliers. Under that there is a plastic bushing that covers a spherical part of the shifter. You may have a problem there. The plastic bushing might be worn.

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I’m also afraid that everything is worn xD maybe I’ll go to the wreckers and check if I can find a complete replacement. After all it’s 15+ years old so no wonder that at some point the rubber bushings are going to fail.

Yes, like, the wreckers replacement will be newer or a lot better than yours XD

You’d be surprised. My dad has the same car and with the same miles and still there is no play in the gear mechanism with his. What’s to loose by looking at the wreckers except the chance that I’ll get a original part for 10% of the price?

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You know, I was wondering about that myself. You see, my sirion, is the 1st generation M100 made in 1999. But from the searches I did for parts in wreckers webpages, I saw that my shifter mechanism and the M300 mechanism are the same… I was wondering if I can find something good for myself… well, not for myself, for the sirion, but, you know wht I mean! XD

Okay so I tried a different remote key kit and I didn’t manage to get it to work. On the door locks there are 2 wires which switch between 4,3 volt and 0 (depends on whether the lock is locked or open). 1 wire with 0v all the time. And 2 wires who get a 12v signal when you (un)lock the car.

The 12v signal is apparently started by the 4v wire wich is not enough for the kit to get a decent signal.