Replacement loom plugs

anyone made themselves up a new loom?
or even more interesting - anyone found a source for OEM replacement plugs
oorrrrr even better again - replacement ecu header plugs?

These would be the guys who would have the replacement pins. I’ve found plugs for after market ecus from them but I doubt OE stuff would easy to find new.

So not relevant to my question?

Heaps of options for pins and plugs
As per original I’m after factory plug matches please

Maybe take trip to your Auto Electrician with samples of what you need, plus some beers.
Also try Jaycar Electronics, who also have a comprehensive Catalogue.

Yeah good thought
But neither gave answers that found a solution

Got a photo of the plug?

Replacement plug for what model car? Anyway, I doubt you will find new replacement plugs. So find a used ecu plug. You could either splice the wires or find new pins to replace the old ones.

Yes have done new looms, but not for factory ecus, only for standalone things like Autronic and Haltech.

there are companies that do replacement plugs, there are common types used by car manufacturers like bosch type plugs or denso type ect. ect. We have a catalogue at work full of just about every plug/ conector but I cant remember the name of the company that the catalogue comes from, I will find out for you.


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Cheers bro!
I’ve called around every aftermarket plug manufacturer I’ve ever been in touch with. None back with anything positive yet

Plug pic from manual…

John Cousins has been finding a few for various E series motor lately, maybe he could help?
here is what youre looking for

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tyco electronics AMP 040III series, you need the 94 pin variant, part number is 1473181-1

Very close! But not quite
For a start that shows three plug instead of four