Rich mixture?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Daihatsu, and have a new-to-me Rocky (US)/Rugger(elsewhere). with 128000 miles

It runs rough and smells and smokes like it’s running rich. Is it possibly my O2 sensor? Plugs foul quickly and starting is real hard. Research suggests that this is probably the O2 sensor – do you guys agree?

New developments – I siphoned out the year-and-a-half old gas in the tank. Runs a lot better now, but still stumbles after revving.

I still suspect the O2 sensor

If you have access to a scan tool you should take a look if there are any codes in the ecu. Often when an o2 sensor is defective the ecu will store a code, it can help identify which one is defective as there are usually 2, one before the cat and one after.

I don’t have a scan tool, though some auto parts stores here will check for free. I’m used to reading about Toyotas where you can check the codes yourself without a scan tool. Daihatsu is a really new world

And the rocky has no 2nd O2 sensor, so the replacement will be cheaper