Rim and tyres options

Hi all im new here and to the dai world so please don’t hate if this question has been asked 100 times. I did look thru the forum and found nothing.

I’m just wanting to know what rim size and tyre options I have available to me on an L701.

What are you all running and does it affect what little performance the car has?

Thanks in advance

Hi, To get members inspired to help please throw up a little bit of info on your Dai and a pic or two. Someone will know exactly what rims are around. What will you use it for? My view on rim is to see what tire sizes are available in the diameter and width you’d like. There are not many choices in 14". 175/45/15 will be close to the orig diameter of around 540mm. Offset will be about plus 35. A six inch rim would be the min I’d use, though you’ll prob have trouble finding such. PCD is 100. Sirion 15" will fit but are narrow, the one set I had was 5" wide.


I use this site as my guide for the wheels and rims;


Speed Calculator (not sure about this one but it is there);

You seem to be a wealth of knowledge on these things @Mr_Gormsby

I am also looking for a set of wheels at the moment and I’m in 2 minds about going to a 15”

The plan is to go the copen big brake kit before too long so it’s either a 14” or a 15” and with the lack of tyre options in a 14” that pretty much seals the fate of those.

I’m dead set against flares or any sort of bodywork required to fit wheels, so with that in mind how wide a 15” will fit and at what offset?

Current front runner is Superlights as they come in all the offset options. Any input would be greatly appreciated :v:t3:

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Not really up to what sizes are available. A quick look and I see (as you know) there are no 14"s, and in 15" you are looking at 165/50R15. I was gong to run 195/50r15 on a 7" rim (about plus 34mm I think). The latter get big and don’t fit without a lot of work. More work than just flares.