Roachies L80 rebuild

Model : 1989 L80
Engine : 998CC
Colour : 28y/o custom faded red haha

original goal: we were told we could not achieve 150db at the front window, put in a
Soundigital AudioControl equilizer and x-over
2x Soundigital SD800.4’s
1x Audiopipe 3k (then added a 2nd)
1x 320A altanator with 3x 0awg charge wire runs
4x Shock triton 15s (500wRms)
2x 4" supertweets

2x 8" Audiopipe slimline subs

6x 12v/80AH batteries

We hit 153.3db, then felt we can do better so we changed the subs to
4x Naka NSX 15 (1850wRMS)
6x 6v/200Ah batteries
and more power
We hit 158.8db… beat that sukas!!! (lol)

(last picture was a cut n past in the planning ended up putting a 32" and a sony)
then decided to paint it. so we did a 41 hr job… including the custom undercoat Bahahahaha…

i would add pics but i cant im not allowed … some one change the rules
Paint Mods:
old : standard red
New : ford territory maroon, with a white pearl and blue pearl,
then we added a 25k gold fleck over top, then airbrushed every panel.
with candy red on top.

Engine Mods:
Head : Changed the head from a ED10 6v head to a EFEL 12v head, changed the valve angles and stiffend springs and new valves, apart from that standard rebuild.
multi layer 2.2mm copper gasket compressed

Bottom end:
100% new bearings stock crank, Rods and i left the pistons that were in it however that is because the dish is bigger than normal and i didnt want to thin out the bore walls. using ARP studs and nuts n washers

Borgwarner KKK K04

Exhaust : Custom long runner manifold, 2.5" out

Fuel System :
Converted from carby to EFI, Using High Impedance 1000cc with custom Tommei Engineering intake manifold, 14mm Works Engineering fuel rail, usingdropped 3/8 fuel lines and SARD Throttle body. running on e85.

ECU : Customized Microtech Lt9c…

INterior : still thinking on that one


If your running stock rpm why stiffen the springs?oh on the inlet only ?

all through, the quicker the springs can open the valves the better… lol funny thing i thought u were talking suspension lol. i didnt mention the suspension yet

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And I thought it was the camshaft that opened the valves. You’ll have to explain what you mean? Closing too is based on cam profile. But yes spring helps it follow the cam shape. Is that what you meant? I guess on the inlet only is because it has more mass to control. Std springs with light retainers are good to 7500rpm.


I was thinking if there’s 10 lbs of boost pushing on the valves and you don’t want them to open yet .

Huh??? What exactly do you mean bro?

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