Rolling L200 2dr- expressions of interest

Reclaiming space so stuff has to go. One possibility is to move on (sell) one of my two spare L200 Miras or the other option is to sell the WRX (obviously not advertising that here). Located in the Gold Coast Hinterland is a white, quite straight L200 with its doors, tailgate, guards, bonnet and glass. It has a 4x100 set up. Depending on price for it there are several options which I can include and these range from TRXX black dash, Sirion disc front, Applause disc brake rear end complete setup for working handbrake, either a viscus or clutch type lsd from a front wheel drive TRXX, parts for running a 2 1/2 rear closed end coil over type spring (could provide a spring set), TRXX bonnet (early - but car is late), rear Konis, front shortened Konis as wet inserts in Sirion legs, 13 x 5.5" five spoke mags and much more. Prefer to sell as a whole, but if the rolling shell went then other bits will become available. Many of the extra bits are from my good car. Can provide an extensive knowledge base to the right person. Might post some images latter. In two minds about getting rid of it, however, I just know it’s going to be a pain during a pending house extension (have just sold two Subaru Brumbies). Stupid offers and anyone that stuffs me around will find the price goes up. On the other hand reasonable offers and good communication will find I am really generous with what you get. The suspension set up would be thousands to develop from first principles and sits at a lowish, very practical ride height and was developed for back country roads such that it will not run out of travel bottoming out mid corner (buying this and slamming it down to look cool will defeat the purpose of this set up and damage the Konis). Save yourself a bundle and make an intelligent offer on the rolling chassis including the extras you might want (note a gearbox with jackshaft lsd is about $750 alone or $1100 with both drive shafts -buy the box and I might just throw in the rolling shell).