RPM cluster for L700

As titled; If I want a cluster with RPM on my 2002 Cuore, what should I look for parts-wise, and what work is involved?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

L700 clusters are plug and play. No wiring for a rev counter required.

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Oh well that simplifies things o: So which L700’s came with an RPM gauge then?

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That seems very random. Sometimes it was taken as an option on a base spec STi, other times you find RTi and XTis without them. Best to just look around some junk yards.

It’s also possible to fit clusters from other Dais from that time period. For example I have a Sirion M1 1.0 cluster in mine. You just need to saw off some mounting points to fit it in the L7. But the plugs are exactly the same.


Another alternative would be to go with an older cluster from the 5 and 601s.
I’m presently searching for one of which includes the selection lighting, to be wired to my automatic gearbox’s shifter.
The following has been modified, through painting the original white-coloured markings highlighting 30 and 50 kilometers and black-coloured background plate:

The cluster’s background plate ended up painted champagne gold:

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That’s really cool!
Do they use the same plugs as the L7 cluster as well?

As long as a mechanically-operated Speedometer is used, I’m almost sure. I think, this question was previously answered already?

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Ive used the one from a move 2003 and its plug and play

As long as they both share digital odometers

Local wrecker had 2 L700’s and a Gino tucked away that I spent an afternoon picking apart. One had a RPM cluster, it was plug and play, feels good just hooking it up and seeing it work right off the bat.