RPM Gauges for EJ-DE L700

Like most auto Cuore mine doesn’t have a RPM Gauge, OEM-Auto tachs are rare here (didn’t find any on the German net). Are there any aftermarket gauges that people have installed?


speco make a 3 cylinder tacho that people have used also I think i’s glow shift that make one that is switchable to 3 cylinder.


Easiest way to have a rpm gauges is to use the stock cluster. You normaly get them around 40€ at Kleinanzeigen.

Mines automatic though. That’s the problem. Auto RPM gauges are quite rare

Ask @WoodWorx if he is able to get one from Malaysia maybe?

There’s actually no difference between manual and automatic clusters, the manual ones are just missing the globe’s and have a blocking off plate where the lights are.

Buy a manual one and transfer your current automatic light plate and globes over to the tachometer cluster. I’ve done it many times before

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Thanks didn’t know it’s that easy, do I need to look out for some things specifically? Can I use a facelift (EJ-VE) Cluster?

Thought I’d add to this thread as i am looking to do the same thing to an auto ( just don’t care about having dash lights for it) you can install gauges out of other models of daihatsu as well can’t you?

@ewdwan you can but have to make sure it’s for the right amonut of cylinders, 4cyl don’t work properly on 3 cyl and vice versa. Basically a matter of finding out what wires do what on both gauge and loom then matching them

I’m guessing the 4 cylinder gauges would show an incorrect rpm reading to a 3 cylinder gauge due to the amount of times the spark is fired per rpm

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i think so, not 100%sure though

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Ordered a Tach gauge. Can I hit you up when doing the swap if I need some help?

Yeah just message me here or on Facebook, just search for Woodwork Garage