'Rusty' series owner on Fraser Coast »»

Hiya folks – I’ve been the owner/driver of one of the ‘Rusty’ series of Dai’s that Sarge has been responsible for out there. Had mine since May 2018 and has run great. Plenty of K’s clocked up going out to Western Qld and northern Sunshine Coast and beyond. Now based on Fraser Coast. Not done any spec work on mine as kept faithful to original condition I adopted it in. Still
turns heads wherever I go and I drive it proudly. Always taking beeps from peeps when out whether in the South East or about on the coast or inland. About to start replacing and maintaining. Check my next post for deets on needing a radiator as currently sidelined after recent issues following a 2,000 km trip and more out west, back home in time for recent flooding but copping the heat and managing to boil dry after recent pressure issue and fault with reservoir went unnoticed… Cheers


Welcome to the forum Hiro :slight_smile:

@Mokeman – Cheers. Good pickup on ‘Hiro’ though I realise I labelled the pic that. It’s my name for her after getting to rename once mine… named for both a lovely Japanese girl I used to play 8-ball against years ago ‘Hiro’ and for ‘Hiroshima’ to honour a place from the country of origin. :slight_smile:

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Welcome Mate, is this still the k3 engine? This is the k3 engine? Been years since I have seen this. Does it still have all the NOS setup on it or was that another of Sarge’s cars? I cant remember to be honest.

Hi. No, its the 3 cyl factory setup, unchanged AFIK – Sarge put another cyl in his other L700… NOS – nitrous oxide setup? No… I go ‘Waaaahhhhhhh’ when I get to 110 though

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yeh it was on nos in 2019 for one of our track days (it was Sarge’s secret weapon lol. Here are some youtube’s where you will see snippet’s of it on track. One is 2018 and one is 2019.

This one below is mainly Danny Bourke in car in his L500 Cupcake. It was the fastest dai on track.