RX7 Waffles on L201 Help

Hey Everyone, New here. Might be a far shot if anyone knows, but i’ll shoot. I have got some RX7 Waffles that are the same stud, as many here probably know, but the centerbore is too small for my L201.

The Waffle centerbore is 59.6 and the Mira is 66.1, I dont know if anyone could tell from my measurement pictures, would the whole raised center need to be machined down ? or would doing so cut too close to the studs ?

I will try take it to an engineer shop in a few days and see.

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No not bored all the way through. Neasure the distance on the hub from the surface to the top of the protrusion on the hub and that will give you how far it need to be bored out. Be aware that the offset will be wrong and the wheels will stick outside your guards also.


I should have looked more into it instead of impulse buying them thinking I’ll make it work lol. So the offset will be from 50mm to 25mm which is about an inch out ? In New Zealand I don’t think you’re allowed more than 25mm out without vehicle certification, so could be big jobs for me.

yes I do on my '94, I had the centre bore resized to suit hub and as @evilhighway said only as far as needed to fit the back of the wheel against the hub (and can leave the Mazda caps on to confuse people :wink: ), also had to get extended wheel studs to fit wheel nuts on as standard studs only allowed about 2mm of thread for the wheel nuts. the rims sit about 5mm if that out of the guards :slight_smile:


They’re looking really good on your rig. So it seems it won’t be too big of a job for me.

I Took them to an engineers shop and gave them the centre bore, told them to keep the caps and not go right through if possible, guess I’ll see if they do or not in a few days.

Thank you.

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Hey Mokeman, just following up. Did you get any particular studs for your hub?

I bought these ones from Nice Products, Long wheel stud

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Thank you yet again. I will hunt some down in NZ tomorrow, then they’re ready to go on.