S501 Engine Manual / ECU Pin Out

Hey all, chasing an ECU pin out for my S501 with the VF-VE engine.

I know it’s pretty obscure and random but I’m thinking maybe Daihatsu went online with these manuals rather than printed.

Is there any other KF series cars that may have pin outs floating around? Just need to know what wire does what so I can wire in Haltech without having to go back completely to the drawing board.

Happy to share any info/wiring knowledge I get at the end of this process as always

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I don’t have the details you are seeking but the KF was fitted in the Copen

Taken from the wiki

KF Engine (658cc)

The KF Engine was fitted to the Japanese market Daihatsu Copen from 2014 onward.

  • 658cc 3 cylinder 12-valve DOHC intercooled turbocharged
  • Compression ratio — 9.5
  • Power — 47 kW (63 hp) at 6400 rpm
  • Torque — 92 N·m (68 lb·ft) at 3200 rpm
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