S83P ign removal

Hi, could some on tell me how to remove the ignition barrel on my Hijet as I need to get a new key cut.

Here from 2:47s?

Hi thanks, but that one is a Toyota and totally different to the Hijet barrel. I have removed many barrels over the years as a mechanic but my own little Hijet i got on the weekend has me stumped. There are’nt any pins, holes or clips that I can see and the barrel is mounted to a steep bracket which is welded to the steering column so can unbolt it either.

This should be it i think, it’s at page 436 :slight_smile:

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Hi Rennie, thanks for the schematic but it looks like a steering lock schematic perhaps? Mine is pre steering lock and doesn’t look like it at all and there isn’t a hole any where to be seen right round.




Hm I’m sorry, not really sure then… Maybe the black plastic is a cover which hides the pin hole?

From what i can tell you’ll need to remove the black cover and then remove a big nut.

If the S83 is anything like my L60 then you need to remove the steering column outer from the vehicle.