Sad day

Another poor little Daihatsu has been sent to China it was a CHARADE 1996 3cyl ’ it;s so hard to get G23/24 engine parts for the older unique cars.


what did you actually need?

distrubitor housing I put out a shout on here & called just about every wreckers who advertise they do Daihatsus’s & couldn’t get one.

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oh yeh I have an engine without a distributor lol could not find one either but I’m sure someone has one somewhere. lol
I am/was going to modify the distributor housing to accept a move distributor and possibly make it efi using surplus stuff I have around here. Its way on the back burner as I have much more going on b4 even thinking about it.

I still have a 2001 Sirion to rebuild but is on the back log (the funds I had set aside went on another daily )Nissan Pulsar. Best of a bad bunch around here it had 5 months rego ( same as the Charade)

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