We bought a '99 Terios automatic a few years back for our daughter, she needs the easy access. Had lpg fitted. Unfortunately not a good car: found holes straight away (fixed by the garage we bought from) failed every APK (WoF, MOT) due to rust/rot. Even after many sessions, problems with the lpg. Now leaking exhhaust and seized brake piston. All of course due to age and neglect of previous owners (except for the lpg ). Road tax has gone up from €53 to 68 per month. Decided to trade in and find something more affordable, maybe Materia if it suits her. We like the Materia, as it is just a boxy Yaris Verso, of which we own two.

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Btw, Frysk!

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These vehicles aren’t designed for neglecting. Neglect is unknown, in Japan.
I replaced the rightside caliper on my girlfriend’s L9, simply because she ignored the time table for having the brake fluid replaced.
Before buying a Daihatsu, the first thing one should do is to start the engine cold (only) and rev it up. If it doesen’t smoke, at least the oil has been changed within recommended intervals.
Even if not always accurate, any documented repair and maintenance history would be helpfull, in decision-making.
As far as rust goes, a thorough examination from underneath is a must. If the vehicle was undercoated, hidden rust is more likely to hide, than if the vehicle hasn’t been undercoated at all. Even underneath factory sealed seams, rust is to be expected, because moisture cannot escape in between. It would be best even to melt that away and then fabricate one’s own inner fender wells.
If one follows these rules, one should never have problems with Daihatsu ownwership

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Thanks for the wise words.


Welkom! An y specific model you are looking for? Prices have gone up like crazy (late 90’s cuore voor 4k…)

What we need is reliability, cheap to buy, cheap to run (fuel and as light as possible due to road taxes here are based on weight/fuel), easy to maintain, easy acces (high seats), tons of space as she needs a wheelchair to come with her. So maybe Materia or newer Terios (heavier), or another Yaris Verso. No Kangoo or Partner, Caddy as we think they are too handicapped looking🫣. RAV4 would be nice, but either too old or too heavy.

Why not go for a hijet?

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Hi and thanks,
Would like that, if she agreed. Only 1 available in Nl with automatic gearbox, unfortunately it’s a right hand drive.