Safe rev limit of Daihatsu EJ-DE engine?

Hello all,
I have a 2000 Daihatsu cuore l700, and the ‘red zone’ on the tacho starts at 6500rpm , this seems a bit low of a rev limit for a little 3 cylinder engine, so what’s the safest rev limit I can push it to? 7k? 7500? 8k? I love engines that scream up to high revs, and 6500rpm isn’t really doing it for me haha, my mum’s diesel Toyota revs to 6k happily
Also is there anything I can do to raise the safe rev limit of this engine?
Thanks in Advance

i couldnt tell you what the safe Limit is for a stock EJ, but as for raising the factory rev limiter your only Options would be to overclock your ECU (if you Google it youll find some how to guides) requires a bit of know how, and youll probably lose a bit of power as a result of how overclocking affects the Timing and fuel maps. Would make a cool Project though.
Or you can run an aftermarket ECU which is not worth the Money and hassle for a stock Motor.
The rev Limit can also be raised with a piggy back like a GReddy blue but it requires a hack which involves wiring the auxilary injector Outputs into the Standard injector loom with diodes then tuning the aux injector map to fire the injectors after the rev Limit is reached and the Standard ECU stops firing the injectors.
Hope you find the info useful.

I would reccomend not revving your mothers diesel Toyota to or past 6000RPM, but that is just my opinion

Thank you for the help, I am planning going down the aftermarket ecu route because I won’t be keeping the standard engine for long so no point spending money on stuff specific to that, I’ll transfer ecu over to new engine, just mainly wondering what the safe rev limit is for the mechanical parts of the engine really. My mum’s Toyota red lines at 5800rpm and is limited to 6500rpm, it’s on 198,000 miles and has been driven revving to 6k constantly for last 30k miles so I’m sure it’s fine haha

depends who you ask really, some say 6800rpm because they chew out big end bearings, others say 8000rpm no worries

I just need it to not blow up haha, I want it to last a fairly long time so if the max is 6500rpm I’ll have to live with that, if it’s higher I’ll go up to that limit

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if you want revs get a mira with a ef/el they sceam at 9.3k go no where while doing it but sounds cool haha.

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My experience with a std EJ-DE top and bottom end is that they won’t rev past 7000rpm (not due to reliability, more so imbalance). They start to run out of puff at 6000rpm and though they will spin a bit more there is not much point. Compared to the EF-EL they have huge down low torque. I went with a super light flywheel (okay may not help with the balance issue), clutch and pressure plate set up that helped make it want to rev and then a vernier adjustable camshaft belt drive on the exhaust camshaft (it adjusts both inlet and exhaust cams at the same time - of course as the inlet is gear driven off the exhaust cam). Retarding the cams will liven it up in the higher rpms - careful how far you go with this. The other thing I have is a EJ-VE cam setup for variable timing. Though I am yet to try this such should give the down low torque and some high rpm power.

There are a lot of other variables in how hard you can rev it and maintain reliability. Engine condition, oil viscosity, octane and so forth. Design wise I’d not consider these to be “screamers”. Use the torque and short shift. 3cyl are not inherently balanced. If you are really dead set on raising the revs then as Mick said you need an ECU remap (or aftermarket ecu), vernier cam wheel/new cams/variable cam set up, lighter rods, lighter pistons, get assembly balanced, light valves, better valve springs, detailing of the oli system (porting, radiusing and other oil gallery tricks), crankshaft grind to loosen up the big end tolerances and prob a few other things. Longish stroke and 3cyl. Not a recipe for much more than 7k.


Thank you for all the help, I plan on k3-ve swapping the car after a year anyway and I will be putting a lot of money and effort into that engine I plan on big big power for it, so hopefully that revs a bit higher haha, I like revving high but I also like it to be useful

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This is coming from someone with a Sirion GTVi, I over the need to revving the car to get good useable power. The EJ-DE is a better engine for low down power over the K3-VE2. The k3 is better up top and mine is fun all the way to 7500.
I would go back to an EJ-DE powered Sirion Any day.