SCMSC Round 8 Sprint - Nambour Showgrounds

Hi evryone i would like to share the Nambour sprints 3rd and 4th of august
Cupcake is entering the event and there are still vacancies but not for long. They have limited the entrants to 125 cars and racing is over 2 days.
It costs $190 plus the Racers license which is the same license used for our other QLD track dais.
Also Westhold timers are used which are the same aswell and are available for hire over the weekend.


I may come out to spectate this one. I don’t think I will have the money to enter unfortunately especially over 2 days.

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You do realise i will appoint you as a member of my pit crew hahaha you can run around with a rattle gun making ugga dugga noises :sweat_smile:

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