Shock replacement

Hey all,
I’ve noticed a slight lean on my car and pretty sure the shocks need changing as they are well overdue.
Question is, anyone know of good replacements at reasonable cost?
Not interested in the racing suspension stuff. Just good stock factory stuff.
Any input appreciated!!! :+1:

Kyb excel. Isn’t that the norm for these?
Try wholesale suspension in Penrith.
There awesome in price and are real helpful.

Shocks control spring oscillation (bounce) and dampen the frequency (how many bounces). The lean if prob something broken (rubbers) or springs sagging. Having said that pressurised shocks (gas filled) can raise the car a tiny amount (as in a couple of mm)

Thanks for the tip @paule82! will do! :+1:

Thanks @Mr_Gormsby, def will be getting under the beast this weekend and checking out the springs & rubbers.
Any tips for a novice and signs to look for?
Always appreciate the feedback boys! Thanks you!

cracked rubber, oil leaks and diif in measurement side to side. On flat ground measure under the sill to ground side to side. Maybe also look for rust on the springs to see if there is major coil binding (spring closing up on itself under bump).

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