Short Gearbox for 1.3 4x4

Hey, I bought Sirion 4x4 with 1.3 engine. It was cheap car for fun, off-road etc. But I have a question - is it possible make shorter gearbox or change main ratio for higher? If is possible - from what car (i don’t know codes of transmission etc). I was check gearbox from 1.0 4x4; it has better ratios, but it doesn’t compare with engine (diffrent spacing bolts); any ideas? For me, will be short only first gear and should be great

Welcome! Do you have some pictures of the car? Almost bought a 4x4 a while back…

The gearbox from the 1.0 sirion will not fit since the engine is completely different. You could try to mess with gear ratios by changing the gears themselves but i have no info on that :frowning: