Should i ev the l200 mira 4 dr?
want to put under rear of l200 for around town no cost driving any one done this ?
idea feed back appreciated

Not sure about a mira but seen a couple of charade EV’s over the years. Should be good due to light weight

yea was thinking of running the electiric diff in rear and keeping moter in front for some highway driving/charging the batterys lol

Honestly, looking at motor spec i think it would be too small, and unless you can find the original AWD mira suspension setup from rear not sure how it would go passing machinery as putting a rear diff into a fwd car won’t be easy suspension wise.

Plus the added weight of batteries for a decent trip length

There was a fella on Facebook for sometime, he even featured as one of the electronic car experts on the mcm episode with the blue electradai.

He built L200ev got rego and all the rest then I believe was in an accident and sold everything

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sounds like really good idea though maybe the option i was looking at may be underpowerd sad to hear bloke was in accident and now sold :(:sob:was thinking of the battery’s and was gunna go about it via lithium and replace the moter in the diff housing and use “cart springs” of some kind as am thinking of towing a mobility scooter as currently disabled i realize alot of work but am mechanic and suspension specialist worked at pedders wagga for a long time
thanks for the reply’s and support on the Mad as hell “L2D”

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If it were me, I would go for the 20kw motor or two. You want to have better power than standard, especially once you consider the increase of vehicle weight with the battery system.

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The fella on Facebook that @FrAsErTaG speaks of put over 20K into his mira and after it was in an accident decided to sell everything as it wasnt worth his money to go through it all again even with the parts he already had.

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