Shoutout to everyone all the way from South Africa

Hi all, im new to this forum.
Bought my wife this Cuore about 4 years ago… Man am i struggling to get parts for this car, do u guys maeby know of a company that sell parts in Japan?

So far the little daihatsu have been kind to me, but have alot of plans to do with it in the future.

My wifes Cuore is the straight forward automatic version, do u guys maeby what is the average mileage per 1L of fuel?


Welcome. Great looking L700. The colour is classy.

That is a nice looking L700. They look so good in a 4 door. We only got the 2 door version in Australia. Im not sure what engine you guys got in yours but we got the ejde over here.
here is a screenshot from carsguide that states what the fuel consumption is here for our L700’s in an auto. The web address can be seen in the pic too. I have put the link underneath.