Show us your D!


@DaleJeffree for the win with his L55. Only seeing a forum member posting pics of their L40, s35 or early Delta ( could be any cooler in my opinion (and I’m not being funny - earlier and quirkier the better).



Hey, I’m the one with the L55 :stuck_out_tongue: Dale’s are actually L60’s :wink:


After having a great job i terview i followed up with a great drive to Mt Gravatt :heart:


My baby, unfortunately not for much longer though as she’s currently for sale :cry:



This was what she looked like before adult life took my spare time away and prohibited me from working on her :frowning:
Would love to get it up an running again, just to get the engine starting to give me some some hope that it will be running on the road in the future…



Here’s my D! Looks a bit different now though!

Currently completely stripped out, no interior whatsoever. Don’t have any photos though, really should update my build thread. Haha


My supercharged mira on the dyno. Cheers, derku.


Competition officially closed and there are 2 winners of the sticker packs at 13 likes each
They are Levi and Handigirl
I will contact Levi and Handigirl Tomorrow to organise the $15 sticker packs heading there way!


@Handigirl and @Levi :thumbsup:




my 96 applause with Honda CR-V sideskirts for extra vtec ahah( I wish I had vtec in this thing )


still think the detomaso bar looks better on older charades


Whats that car behind you’re Coure, Nissan something?



Both a bit toooo late thought I would post my ride anyway lol


The Nissan something is also know as K11 Micra, made in the UK they are pretty far from being “JDM as Fk”. Another surprising fact, despite being made in England there aren’t too many catching on fire.


No public photos yet. Have to be patient :smiley: