Show us your D!


Made in the UK by a French owned company. They not made a good run of the mill car (yes some good performance stuff) since being called Datsun and even at the end of that ear things were in decline. Does anyone remember “Bluebird, the world’s first four-cylinder limousine”?


The squishy pedals feel compared the Caddy :ok_hand:
Have to get used to no hill start assist


yeah its my mates old nissan micra


Couple of my old pics if anyone is interested. Rick bates Copen

Leannne Ferrier now Leanne Tander


I owned my Copen at the same time as this and had bates automotive do all the work on the car, he was a brave man racing that


I remember Rick Bates punting that GTVI around Oran Park in the production car class really stuck it to some of the bigger cars.



Mrs G200



Applesauce at the servo 🖒


So sick!!! only just heard of the gino! And im flipping my lid over it! Nice ride


'93 G102




thats one clean g102 mate !
gives mine competition :wink: haha


Haha thanks mate!
Yeah a good little beast. got some little things I want to work, wont be happy till shes peeeerfect!
Any pics of your mate? Keen to have a suss!


thought i had one in here guess not 21469777_10155225542922851_701263754_n


pic there for u mate


20171003_184233Trusty Applesauce awaiting the ride home from the gym 🖒






Past IMG_2462


Daihatsu Black-Silver
G203 RS? - HD-E 1.6 - 2 Tone Painted Silver topside, as the clearcoat on the Black was coming off the roof and bonnet.