Show us your D!


hey guys! I am proud that there is such a cool comunity on this small rock in space. I am from Croatia, Europe and I have a L701 3dr Cuore :slight_smile: I call him Dildo because 3 cyl vibrations, little bit oily and can fit in any gap :smiley: IMAG0654IMAG1176FB_IMG_1510780278162


1993 Mira L201 with the neck breaking ED-10 carby motor, soon to have an EF-EL head and a turbo. 1975_20171206-194812


Went out to Lakeside Raceway yesterday with a friend to do some testing in his Nissan Pulsar racecar and saw this Sirion RS having a run. The guys name was Rob. Note the new 911 GT3 in the background, great to see relatively new Daihatsu being driven in anger among some heavy weight race cars.




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##Show us your D

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My G200


My first car 1994 G200:

the wife’s first car 1996 G200:


Two Tone Smiley? Niiiiice


The two tone was sold as a sport version :).


Bring back the Applesauce!



Very Nice @Nativewaiter :slight_smile:


my Sirion on BC racing coilovers. (installed them a few weeks ago)


Dat 90s decal hnnnnnnnnk


Little daily dai

Ejde turbo l2 project car




My 1984 factory turbo charade project