Show us your D!


1994 Anton :wink:


Think she’s older then 94… now ur making me stress I have the year model wrong … g100r factory turbo cb60 motor


Can’t be 1984. Oldest would be 89.


sorry my bugger up, 94 is G200, 84 is the g11, but all good, you got yourself a good score being factory turbo motor, regardless of the year. just look at the plates under the boneet that’ll tell you the year :wink:


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That purple topless I saw that in person years ago at Namurkah show us your wheels near shepparton. I may even still have the dvd it was on the end of somewhere.


here is some more of it


Oh my eyes my eyes. This is bad, how can I unsee it? Was it a nasty “pimp my ride” where they hacked a car someone didn’t want hacked? Or was it just left over 80’s ambition?


oh it could be far worse. hahaha! When I saw in in 2007 i loved it. It looked soo good. I do admit I had no idea what it was but I was curious as it was 3cyl like what my matiz was and the fact that it was something so different than all the fords commo’s and mopar’s that were at the event.


Atleast it’s wheels are not on 45 degree tilt’s hahaha!


'00 EJ-DE Autotragic


Front wheel drive and snow, such fun (I am being serious - had some US and Canadian winters and did my fair share of pretending I was Ari Vatanen in a Mitsubihi Pajero that had studded tires and or Erik Carlsson when I drove a range of fwds)



Here is my Daihatsu Charade GTti race car. 180whp 993cc CB70 with lots and lots of Mods


looks awesome Scottie :smile: