Silver Copen (better name coming)

Last week i realized how hard certain parts for the EF-VE are getting. So i decided i want to engine swap my green Gino after all. So i started looking for possible swaps. Then @marc0tjevp found a copen that could be perfect to use for the engine swap.
I started talking to the seller. But quite quickly i just couldn’t bare see it get scrapped. Despite it being quite rusty (mainly the sills) i just wanted to fix it up and make it my daily/project car. After a bit of talking she showed interest in the Cuore Classic.
So we arranged to meet yesterday (Friday) at 9pm at her unit.

@marc0tjevp and i drove a couple of hours across the country to go see it.

And there she stood…

After a bit of talking the deal was made.
I was so excited that i wanted to take it home right away. Which was a pretty big surprise to her, so much so that it took a few minutes for her to process it.
Shortly after i registered the Copen to my name and the Cuore Classic to her name Marco and i drove all the way back in the Copen.

Immediately after leaving we found out the windshield was very greasy and dirty and the wipers only made it worse.
So we made a quick pitstop to fuel up and clean the windshield and wipers. It got a little better but still not great. Luckily it stopped raining before halfway.

We made it home safely. Marco around 2am and i around 3am.

A couple of known issues are;

  • The shifter bushings and such
  • The wiper blades
  • The very rusty sills

I still have to take a good look all over, but that’s a nice job for next week.
Tomorrow i’ll be giving her a good wash.

My plans (apart from the known issues);

  • Restoring the paint or a different color (at some point)
  • Different wheels (don’t know which yet)
  • Putting new badges on her (after paint)
  • Taking off the bumper protectors

I believe that’s it for now. But i’m confident my plans will change a bit along the way. But we’ll see how that goes.

Here are some more pics of the Copen and the rust.

Hopefully more updates soon.


Welcome to the Copen Club :handshake:t3:


A little progress, and a big setback

I was planning to take the Copen to the nurburgring at the end of the month. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen. Cause i won’t get her done in time for inspection. And without it she’s not allowed on the road .

Yesterday i thought i made a lot of progress because i finished the drivers side sill and footwell.

Instead of fixing the rust properly one of the previous owners or their shitty mechanic decided to literally use ducttape, caulk, expanding foam and bog to fill the holes. Barely anything was welded. But this side is now “properly” fixed (on this side at least).

Today i was planning on fixing the other side. But then i noticed a little hole in the rear inner arch. So i started looking all over the rear inner arch and immediately lost all motivation to do the passenger side. I knew the sill was bad just like the drivers side.

But as mentioned i noticed a little hole.

And another small hole

And then a bigger hole

And then this

Then i looked on the drivers side…

So began the painful task of removing the rear bumper and taillights.
And oh dear…

And inside the trunk.

So all motivation lost i decided to drive her outside and park her.
This is too much work to get her back on the road in less then 2 weeks. This is going to take a lot of time and patience to get fixed.

As for the shifter… it’s a miracle I’m even able to shift.

The upgraded parts for the shifter will have to wait .

The bright side

Luckily i should be able to fix the rust without breaking the bank.
And because the Copen won’t ever be the same ever again I’m thinking of modifying it quite a bit.
So suggestions are always welcome. No expensive bodykits though.

Hopefully another update next week.


1 step forward, 5 steps back
Made some progress by blasting the rear of the Copen. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for now.

The little rust bubble on the arch kept bothering me. So stupid me decided to wire wheel it away. That was a absolute nightmare of a decision. What did i get myself into.

It’s that I’ve got too much invested into it otherwise it would’ve been crushed most likely. Maybe I’m crazy for even attempting to save rusty money pit,
Let’s see what i can make of it.

After all this messy work it was time to push her inside (cause stupid me disconnected the roof ecu’s and closed the boot and without those apparently the boot won’t open and she won’t run).
From a distance with the zinc paint on she doesn’t look all that bad.

stirring the soup
When i bought her she was so sloppy i had to remove the trim to get her in gear.
But no more! Now she’s is so tight that at first i thought i could only shift into third and fourth gear. But because of the precision bushings I made there’s just so litte movent that the gears are insanely close together now.
I’m curious what the person was thinking who “tried” to fix the shifter before me.

New cup, grommet and bushings. And plenty of new grease.

This is not the way to “fix” it!

Sorry! I forgot to take photos and a video of the “new” and improved shifter.

Tomorrow more grinding and welding. I’m going to do my best to get her inspected before next Friday. But I’m doubtful.


Ugly Betty

Been a busy day of grinding and welding again. Not all rust is gone yet, but everything that would fail the inspection should be fine now.
To fix the outer wheel arch i used a piece of the left front fender from my old Move. The radius is pretty much perfect. But the overall shape definitely isn’t.
I didn’t bother doing it nicely as the whole quarter panel needs replacing.
With all the temporary repairs she’s pretty ugly now unfortunately.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Tomorrow I’ll build her back up so i can bring her away for inspection.
While building her back up i hope we won’t find anything that would fail the inspection. Especially major issues. Some small issues are no problem as i probably can easily fix them

Let’s hope I’ll get her done before Friday. Cause friday I’m going to the nurburgring with @marc0tjevp and someone else.