Silver S28

Hi - new here having got fed up with Facebook and Twitter…

I have two Daihatsus in silver S28, which means I can save a bit on paint when I end up having to do rust repairs…

My daily driver is a M100 1.3SL Sirion, which gets the balance between pace and economy about right - I’m getting about 55mpg in general use and the car is fast enough to keep up with most of the traffic around here. I’m just getting the parts together to change the lower suspension arms which came up as an item in the most recent MOT…



My other car is a 660 Copen, which has a bit of a rust problem, but is a great car to drive.


Welcome Shan_Ye. Facebook etc can be like that.

I love your sirion and copen.
You got the 1.3L sirion that is the much better version. I do agree they are good on the road to keep up and quite economical.
That also goes with the copen too I guess. Copen’s are such a fun car. I do miss my old one but we sold it as it just never got driven in the end.

LOL - my Copen doesn’t get used much at the moment - I need to find a night class and learn to tig weld. The outer sills on both sides are a bit weak. Well, it’s either that or start saving. I had one of the front sections done a couple of years ago where I had a hole and it cost me £300.00. If I have to pay to get the other three sections done, it could be £1000… :expressionless: