Single HC Piston Wanted

Has anyone got a single HC piston available so i can put into my HD block and compare the 2 side by side please?

What knowledge do you seek? I have done this before and might be able to help.

Mainly just to look at the differences @JC050, mate in facey is getting told to get HC pistons machined down to achieve a boost friendly compression ratio, by a mechanic mind you, so wanted to compare and exchange notes and thought with him :smile:

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1.3 pistons - big dome

1.5 pistons - medium dome

1.6 pistons - almost flat


Apart from the dome all other aspects of the pistons are the same.

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Thanks @JC050, would you know if it is true that the HD Block is slightly Taller than the HC Block?

Yes it is taller.

Thanks @JC050 :smile:

@JC050 I am the guy who is getting told by an engine builder that i should get new hce dome pistons and he machines them down to suit turboing the hde 1.6 motor
this would be useless wouldnt it ?

It would interesting to know why the engine builder would like to machine a dome top away when a lower compression flat top would seem to be a better place to start. What CR are they hoping to achieve? Stock is 9.5:1.

no idea @JC050 thats just what he suggested on doing to lower it.

1.3 pistons in the 1.6 will up the compression, putting the 1.6 pistons in the 1.3 engine will be a better way to go turbo, but then you’d have a 1.3 obviously. From my understanding the 1.6 piston stock are good for at least 1bar of boost, which i would think is plenty? you’re going to have other issues to worry about above that power level anyway. thats all from reading internet posts, not from experience.

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2years later lmfao… dummy :-/

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Almost a shame i am now playing EJ’s as still wanted to do the 1.6 pistons in the 1.3​:joy::joy::joy:

You’d still have a 1.6, the crank has a longer stroke that gives the bigger displacement not the pistons.

u don’t say lol but if you put 1.6 flat pistons in a 1.3, u 'd have a 1.3 crank then, so u’d have a 1.3 wouldn ya. :wink: but with lower comp pistons and less sharp edges to the top too which means less likely to have hot spots and pre-ignition.

think ya might have mis-read what i wrote welby

Sorry thought you were talking about the 1.6.

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Going the larger capacity, even though it isnt by much. Wouldnt that be better then the smaller capacity ?
How would you go about going lower compression but keeping a 1.6Litre motor for the extra power/torque to begin with to spool the turbo.