Single Knock when Turning

Hi all, I’ve had my 1991 Mira L200 for a fair while now and it’s always had a strange knock, just once, when turning to the right.

The previous owner told me it was the badly located wheel weights on the inside of the drum and I 100% believed him.

Recently, I finished completely rebuilding the steering and control arms so I got it in for an alignment and got that wheel correctly balanced with the weights now on the face, not inside the drum.

To my annoyance, it still knocks!

When the wheel is maybe a third turn to the right, I’ll get a noise which sounds a lot like something clipping the caliper or something. If I hold that steering angle, it won’t make the noise again and I get no noise when turning to the left or returning the wheel to centre.

Does anybody have some idea of what might be happening? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Can you maybe record it? Would be easier to identify that way.

I’ll see if I can record it, but I don’t really know how to. I’m putting in a new swaybar and brakes in a few weeks and that could possibly solve the issue, here’s hoping.