Sirion 4trak/rally4/awd drivetrain

Just a quick question, anyone know what kind of setup is used on the awd sirion to drive the rear wheels?
Do they have a centre differential or a viscous coupling?
A google search yielded minimal information :frowning:

Most of us from Australia want know as we don’t have the awd model’s here we only got the fwd models.

Search for storia x4, you should find some more info :wink:

For anyone who is interested this pretty much all I could find;

Looks like they run a viscous coupling for drive to the rear, but I can’t imagine the rally4 from the UK or the awd sport here in Germany having front and rear LSD. I also have no idea if they run the same trans (obviously the x4 has close ratio but maybe the rest of the trans is the same?) Would be awesome if someone could confirm.

Mate, search for Bob Fudge on facey, he mighr be able to help

or ask on this facey page