Sirion and charade brakes and suspension

Ok so i was looking at discs to see what the sizes were and the size I got for the sirion was 274 for front discs, not sure if this is correct or not as I have never had anything to do with sirions but if that is the case how much different is the caliper to a caliper from a charade? I am only asking as I was to get the biggest factory brakes for my charade when i start working on it. Also would the caliper fit on on the charade hub or would I need to use the sirion hub and if I do how much different is it, will it be a direct swap?

Or is there other brakes that would be able to be swapped onto a charade?

Also another question on suspension, does anyone know if pyzar front lower arms are a straight bolt on, the look the same and if they are, are they the same size as standard g200 charade ones?

If I need to I will head down to pick and payless to measure them up or even take them off and put them side by side, just need the time :slight_smile:

The large pyzar front brakes would be the best brake swap for a G200 charade.


some pyzar use a 250mm rotor others use the same 234 as all the charades did.
If you can id swap to either a vented brake caliper if yours isn’t already. from an applause or if you can find the pyzar stuff in the larger version

from what i have read, the pyzar is mechanically the same as the g200 for suspension etc, as said the later models had 250mm rotors, apparently the calipers bolt straight on to the charades. 274mm seems a bit large for a sirion

Think he means 234mm for the sirion as thats all that dba and rda list through their websites through work

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yea i missread the page for sirion brakes. nah mine only has applause rears and standard charade fronts, but will try and find the calipers need to overhaul the rears aswell. Hopefully I get this turbo one while i fix everything on it haha

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@Mokeman is correct, the pyzar uses the same platform as the g20x charade. In fact it has some slightly better components, one of them being the front lower control arms are set up to take a sway bar, as the Pyzar comes standard with a sway bar in the front.

As for the brakes, only the GRV Pyzar had the 250mm brakes. I haven’t had much luck finding a set of them around anywere in Australia because most people didnt even know the GRV existed. If you can find stuff overseas the Pyzar was also called the gran move or grand move depending on country.