Sirion AWD conversion/ autocross build


I love the top mounts, where would one find a bearing like that?


Made up some proper mounts for the air filter today

@DaleJeffree the bearings you can buy from any bearing store, they are called spherical plain bearings. You would just need to turn a flange on a lathe to be able to bolt it to the camber plate. Lucky everything was there on my coilovers, I just had to make the camber plates

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For spherical bearing tops I use Minebea ABT12T®. A bit of a std. @DaleJeffree


Another small part finished


The latest project


Tim can make you up a set probably too mate :wink:

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Hi guys, quick update.
The shocks are in

I got the gearbox finished with the copen 5.5:1 final drive, and I wanted to clear up a few things. First of all I the 1st and second gear from the 1.3 are strengthened, the gears on the output shaft are wider. Also the synchro ring for first gear is also different, it has a friction material on the inside, whereas the copen just has a complete bronze item. The gears from the 1.3 fit on the copen output shaft without any problems. For everything to fit the bearing for the output shaft on the motor side of the gearbox needs to be replaced with the bearing from the copen gearbox as the ID is different, and some material needs to be removed from the housing so the ring gear on the differential doesn’t foul, otherwise its very straightforward. Here are some pics, I should have taken more but time was a factor.

And finally work on the widebody is coming along, its subtle but looks good. In total its about 50mm wider


Nice work Mick. Interesting to know the 1st and 2nd gear are strengthened. I’m pretty sure I was starting to have issues with 3rd gear before other parts failed and have heard others talk about 3rd gear being the first to be problematic.


Awesome info!
I have the same final drive incoming, so the knowledge about taking a bit of material off etc is very valuable.

Could be the 3rd gear itself or the shift-action from 2-3 causing some issues.
The gear shift feel isn’t the most precise lol

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As always awesome info! :clap::clap::clap::clap:

that if … prepare to have a 3° gear replacement, it tells you someone who already had to use the replacement :sob::sob::sob:

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I know some of the widebody pics were put up on facebook.
Has everyone baffled as it really doesn’t look like a huge change, but the wheel spec and spacer you’ve put on - the wideness must be there.

Well done!
In a world dominated by bolt on flares you’ve done it seamlessly.


At some point I’ll take the spacers off and pop the standard wheels on for a few pics, then you’ll really see the difference :slight_smile:


Peoples minds will be blown then for sure.