Sirion AWD conversion/ autocross build


Very nice, looking forward to hearing how it performs.


Knocked up a strut brace the other day. Used some of that water pipe I had left over from the rear brace, bent it up in the press using a die I threw together, and welded it onto the factory braces so it can be removed and so it’s mounted to the car in 3 points on each side IMG_20170818_195732


A little more done, almost finished battery relocation


Love that battery box. Reminds me of an Anzac Biccy tin!


Thanks, yeah it definitely give off a biccy tin vibe, knocked it up out of an empty brake fluid tin. You know what they say, a dollar saved is a dollar earned haha


hell yeh us daihatsu people are master’s at this


Making some awesome progress on the build mate. Seems to be coming together alright.


Hi guys, its been a month since my last update, haven’t done anything at all to the car :disappointed_relieved:

I will be getting stuck into it next week, I have ordered circuit breakers for the battery relocation, and necessary hardware for the tuned intake pipe/cold air intake.
I also have some Applause rear calipers with mounting brackets I brought back with me from Australia courtesy of @Mr_Gormsby and a Rally camshaft and Storia Touring ECU heading this way soon courtesy of @b_hoves.

Soooo I have a lot to do this month, and if Im feeling overly enthusiastic I plan to fab a lower control arm brace based off the D-Sport design and re-visit the strut brace and make it a little more “bracey” :grin:

So ladies and gents, stay tuned!!


Unfortunately I didn’t get a great deal done this week, hopefully I’ll get a bit more done tomorrow. All I really did was press the bellmouth into the intake pipe.
It’s not as good as I’d hoped for, but I do believe it will work well.


Progress is progress mate. Even if it’s only small.


got a little bit done over the last few days, made a mounting bracket for the filter, made a scoop thing out of one of the fog lights to connect to the filter because I figure if its just drawing air from inside the bumper it will probably pick up warm air from the radiator, and did a bit more work to the battery box.
Still waiting on the circuit breakers to finish the battery relocation and recived word that my rally cam has arrived in Germany, should arrive at the workshop tomorrow
Ill post some pictures tomorrow, my phone died today so I didn’t get a chance to take any.


Car is a bit dirty, needs a good wash.

And this will connect the scoop to the opening in the filter housing


Here is the filter I used, a K& N knockoff, cost 40 bucks


And here is the battery box, installed some latches to hold the lid on



Like that cold air intake very neat idea.


I’ve been struck down by a shitty cold/flu for the last week or so and haven’t had a chance to do a great deal with the car. I did however get around to picking up the cam and ECU from customs/border control, and I fitted up the circuit breakers and threw some carpet in the rear.IMG_20171025_193552IMG_20171025_1935311508964293547304112851


So my monthly shopping spree this month includes copen front brake calipers, some rotors and pads to suit from textar, and a nipparts timing chain kit. Parts should be here in the next week or 2.
Also I remember reading a build thread where someone was wrapping their car in matt red vinyl, but I can’t remember who it was nor can I find the build thread again. I would like to know the name of the colour, if it was matt red or matt rose, or something else. If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it heaps.


Brakes are in and battery box is complete :blush:IMG_20171104_145707IMG_20171104_150121


I’m liking that battery box, so simple and reminds me of a Anzac biscuit tin.


Today I got one of the spring mounts sorted, unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as moving the original over a few centimetres, the awd spring mount was needed.IMG_20171118_134358
I also removed one of the drums and had a look how the disc brake conversion would go, and the flange on the diff has an identical bolt pattern to the caliper brackets! I’ve also got someone lined up to machine the drums down into hubs but I think I’ll wait until after rego.


I’m liking your build. Lots of talent shown. Great work.
Saw a G102 Rally car in Canberra which had Y braces fitted inside inner guards, rear cross brace, front cross tower and another frame under front frame. I suppose the racers all put them in for safety and handling.
See some great pics for Sirion Fender Bars and other Barces on the following site:-


Full Wrap 3M 1080-M13 Matte Red, Accent 3M 1080-M10 Matte White
Sorry, the image is glossy!
daihatsu-stripes 1