Sirion Bits from GTVi Wreck

Hey all

I am scrapping a GTVi soon (yes yes I have said many times I am but have been lazy to get it out of my backyard, past the caravan…)

There is no engine, no power steering switches, no GTVi seats, no carpet.

Bits that people might be interested in are

  • Chrome Door Handles
  • Chrome strips down the doors and the front guard (from door to wheel)
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Dash related items

If interested just make an offer, cheers

Anyone needing GTVI seats I have a front pair, steering column and rear beam axle. Located near the Gold Coast.

bump , car will be trashed soon

I hazard to say this since someone will end up doing this on a road car but the spoiler is a close fit on a Mira L200 roof. I have one that I’ve hung onto as the first thing to try if I ever get to the point of needing rear down force on the track.

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Bump, all still available

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I’m interested in the rear spoiler is all is just going to be tossed. Skirts?

Yeah will just be tossed, skirts are there, spoiler is there.

If there is anyone local with an L200 that could pickup, the skirts are almost a perfect fit and the wing goes close too. Otherwise, I’m keen to orgainise a courier to pick up.

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Do you have headlights.
One of mine got hit today?

Do you have the small triangle trim that covers where the side mirrors attached?
Looking for a pair in good condition.