Sirion ej de engine removal

good morning colleagues.
may I ask you how to remove an engine from sirion hatch .i am off to the scrappy this morning to seeif i can get hold of an engine to heal my blue daisy (Blue99 sirion 5 speed hatch)
ifthere is a post with instructions I would be happy to be led there
sorry about the grammar I am writing on a small tablet computer. which I may take with me with the procedure on it to the scrap yard
thank you kindly for your help and assistance
i am new to t he cause so i don’t know if I ask a question or peruse the posts or create a topic


Pull the engine and gearbox at the same time. jack the car up and put the front on stands. Be prepared with big extra long tire levers or crowbars to pop the drive shafts as I’ve had a couple of donor cars that sat for ages and needed an 8ft crowbar to remove the shafts.

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Great advice Mr G. :+1:

what a day … GOT TO THE SCRAPYARD at 10.30
began removing engine at 10.44am
rained all day … mud and mire … tools all wet , shoes wet, clothes wet…
tried all day (removal virgin here )
removed the front … head lamps …front bar (where the lid latch fixes onto ) …then bit by bit … this and that …radiator etc first mounting bolt came off … then found the secon one on the passenger side behind the wheel rum that came off
could not get to the 3rd engine mounting .
then i saw a post here which said drop the subframe
so 4 big bolts and a few for the cross frame (i think ) and later the sub frame dropped … BUT … STILL I COULD NOT GET IT OUT
A FEW THINGs stopped me … LOOM TO THE BAcK OF THE DASH ON THE RHS …I THINK GOING TO THE ENGINE MODULE … THAT ONE NO SUCCESS … THEN THE WIRE (METAL ) middle of the dash … (choke … ) could not get that one off …but surprisingly the cable came out of its sleeving so …nice one there …
THEN . i didn’t know how to get the drive shafts out .
i tried and tried but no luck ( i didn’t know how) …
i though remove the disk drums and pull it out WITH THE DRIVE SHAFTS STILL ATTACHED .
but i didnt have the proper socket and more importantly … squatting kneeling bending etc etc after 5 months of a total hip replacement took its toll .
then the good missus said i have to pick up the children from school … 3.30pm and 1 hours traffic
i said you go and then come back with the children … i will stay here till i get it out
she went and then came back immediately … YARD CLOSES AT 4.30PM … IT WAS 4.05PM …
stroke of genius … i said lets remove the shockers and drop the whole thing and drag it out on the subframe
so got the first shock off bingo … and then the second shock off …
it dropped … but i had a engine winch … READY TO GO …
i think that was all that was left i am certain that was all that was left
it sat there at an angle on the sub frame with the drive shafts and disk drums etc but i had to concede the battle with this foul varlet
ok …ok …enough of the laughter … (no really … go for it ) i’ll join you … lol
oh what a day… had to leave with out the engine …
someone has removed the manifold and it looks clean inside and the atf was a soft purple colour (as it should be i think )

wet throughout . wet clothes .finally walked away to go back next tuesday if i can .
ah well … lifes like that


Wow what a day! Great effort mate. Engine removal is no easy process and there is a lot involved. When you do go back to get the wiring loom out you should be able to locate the ecu in the car and there should be 2 plugs that plug into it. Remove those plugs and pull the loom through the firewall of the car. Take the ecu also if you can you may need it.


ok …thank you very very much … the word two stuck in my mind as i was leaving home so today back to the scrappy …
sunny day no rain .
i walked up to the car … it was as we left it (my wife and i )
so i looked in to the dash
“two” … so i undid the two bolts and off came the ecu and then i pulled out the plugs
thank you for your help

then the mammoth job before me
i managed to undo the earth wire and then another loom going into the dash … above or below the ecu
but i managed to get that undone at the engine end
finally engine was showing some signs of freedom … BUT … AUTOMATIC CABLE …ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGH
I DIDNT KNOW HOW TO UNDO IT AT THE ENGINE end and it was a bit dangerous with the engine on the hoist so after much effort i …ummmmmm…errrrrrrrrrrr. pulled the whole housing for the automatic lever thru the car … complete
i had to bend it a little but it pushed thru the housing slot for it with a bit of crow bar and hammer to tease it out
finally …yes ? …umm no …
the third engine mount in the back of the engine … again attended to that and the engine moved
finallly …ummmm …no
i had to undo the bar behind the brake drum and pull put the drive shafts (which were nice and oiled and popped out easily …mr gormsby)
also the third mount i had to unbolt it from the subframe
engine was free
me and the missus pulled it free …had to undo the strap from around the subframe to above it and the subframe fell to the floor started at 12 noon …engine free around 4pm

phew … blood and sweat
i tried not to damage anything as other people would /may need parts
i left everything and all unwanted bolts on the floor in the back seat
my god … the new hip was sending neutron bombs to my brain
strapped it up …spoiler alert … pulling it down to the exit … it got stuck in a puddle and i pulled it …fell over back wards and it rolled on to me … luckily i moved out of the way …just
lol… what do i do …(gamble and smoke and drink .)…or do something silly … something silly i chose
so we had to leave it there as the wife said we can put it in the kluger but how will we take it out , so back there next tuesday … with a trailer …
cost … 2 x 2dollars entrance …petrol … 230 for engine complete with out manifold and 150 for automatic transmission … no warranty …
ah well … the beginning of an expensive? hobby
please forgive my writing style … i have so little time off so i kinda blurt it out as if we are having a chat .
first rule no caps
will keep you posted
ps if i missed replying to any one … my apologies


Forum etiquette? your doing fine :slight_smile: and well done on the progress.

HELLO ladies and gentlemen ,
last 2 weeks i was busy so i could not go and pick up the engine .
well its finally home
collected it this tuesday in a trailer
i am at work now so no pics
i DID TAKE A PHOTO of the vinplate in case any one is looking for spares
i will post later today or on tuesday … most panels seem to be in 70 to 95% condition … one or two quite bad but if anyone needs any spares well the vin might help them
until then … sirion on !!!


i meant … sirion and on and on … humor me

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