Sirion fuel economy

Why would my Sirion GTVI suddenly jump to 10.3 l/100 km then the next tank 12.22 l/100km?

Okay, I’m ready to play your game. Tell us why?

Sorry for the bit of smart arse, but you see, there are far to many possibilities to go through and we don’t have much to go on. How many Ks does it have? What sort of driving are you going? You have not stated whether you feel as though “nothing has changed”. What’s the service history like?

If something is wrong have you done any problem solving yourself? What can you rule out for us? Tires have equal pressure? Brakes aren’t dragging? Exhaust has no big ding in it? And so on…


May go someway to solving the issue!

So the point is what? Perhaps you drive like that all the time?


Where on Earth are you doing these kind of speeds?

WA rural 525 km in 4 hour five minutes. Two fuel stops. One toilet break