Sirion GTvi from Melbourne Australia

Hi all,

Jake here from Melbourne Australia.

I’ve had my 2003 Sirion gtvi for about 2 months and having fun with it. It is my project car so will be asking a lot of questions here.

I’ve had quite a few rwd JDM Nissan’s in the past so the Sirion is quite a change. Its a little go kart for sure but definitely looking to get a bit more power

Coming from rwd Nissan’s , I do like stancing out my car so I’ve put in some BC Racing v1 coilovers and have some Sparco NS wheels about to go on in 15x6.5 +32. Just waiting on getting the proper lug nuts which I have on the way from the UK.

Some plans I have are full exhaust system, front lip and bumper ducts from nengun and possibly turbo down the track.


G’day Jake and welcome to the forum. I am a fan of the GTVi - the updated face is something that is growing on me but I love the original face of the GTVi the most.


welcome mate looks like a very nice and clean gtvi you have there. Down the track you may want to stay N/A k3 gearboxes are not known for strength.