Sirion GTvi wheels on L700 Cuore?

I have searched and not found an answer yet to know if Sirion GTvi wheels fit nicely on the L700 Cuore? As my recently bought Cuore has wheels that stick out past the guards and it will not pass an inspection like that. not being able to find any standed Cuore wheels i did however find a Sirion GTvi at a wreckers that has a great set of wheels on it. If anyone has fitted said wheels to an L700 Cuore please let me know if the fit nicely.


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If you know the specs of the wheels you can compare them on this site.
i learned what different measurements on wheels did from there because they also visualize it, hope it helps for you too

Thanks only problem is I don’t know the Sirion wheel specs.

I will say 99.9% sirion wheels will fit and will not be an issue. Sirion wheels specs are rougly 4x100 so same as L700, +38 or +40 either will be fine on L700 , 14inch rims and 5 inch wide. I believe centre bores will be fine also. :slight_smile: I have seen gtvi wheels in an L251 no probs. I have fitted them to the rear disc of an applause no probs. I had to use spacer’s on drum brakes with them on a g202/3 charade as the centre bores are bigger, I have put them on a copen on the rear to see if they fit and no issue again. I think you are safe with getting them for an L7.


Great thank you for sharing your information.

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