Sirion k3ve2+3sz intake manifold ?

i have a sirion k3ve2 in japan.
As a result of gathering information, I have a 3sz intake manifold and filter for the reception upgrade. I tried to put on I had a problem with the intake manifold.

① The clearance with the master back is narrow
② Are you competing with the cell starter?

① could be installed by cutting the intake manifold. However, there remained the issue of clearance with Masterback. It is doubtful whether
② is true in the first place.

If someone installed a 3sz intake manifold on the sirion k3ve2, how would you install it?

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Welcome. There are probably some people here who might be able to answer. However, some can be shy and are not comfortable talking to strangers. May I suggest going to the “All New People” section and post an intro about your car and perhaps a pic or two. This gets those within the forum more interested and is your first step in not being a stranger.

K3VE in Japan, very interesting.


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The only person I know who did it had a Terios, and so the engine was positioned differently. I’m not sure if anyone has done it with a Sirion/Storia