Sirion M100 rear brakes

Hi Guys,

I need to service my rear brakes, I think they are out of round so I’ll probably need new drums, shoes, cylinder. I don’t want to spend that money on new replacement parts when I could get a good upgrade for similar money.
Are there any good bolt on upgrades for the back of the sirion 2000 m100?

no bolt on option’s as far as i know.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I thought that might be the case. All my searches for sirion brake showed up putting sirion hardware on other cars.

yeh sirion brakes fit L200 and L500 mira’s and L600 moves. Oh there maybe one option for bolt on but I honestly dont know if it is an upgrade or just the same. Copen brakes would also fit but I really dont know if you would get much better performance out of the drum brakes if they are a touch bigger.

I looked at some listings, looks like the Copen are the smaller of the 2 drum sizes for the sirion. Apparently the sirion has either 180x25 and 180x35.
I think I’ll just order the parts for replament oem. I ahven’t even looked yet to see if I have the 25mm or the 35mm, maybe if i have the 25mm I can upgrade to 35mm.

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I think it is the best plan :slight_smile:

Use the rear drums from a GTVi sirion

GTVi shoes seem to be the same size, whats the difference in the drums?

I had the Sirion in the workshop today they replaced the discs and pads. I’m having a lot of trouble tracking down new drums, even stock drums.
Does anyone know if drums from a similar era charade or other are the same?
I’ve had a number of places contact their suppliers and they don’t even have a listing.

if you’re OK trawling through tech drawings, then can help you with this
you can buy the parts new for them from Japan if you can’t find local gear from wreckers

AFAIK the copen L880 and sirion rears carry the same parts numbers

that’s one result from a quick search

I think import monster deal with OZ the best?
If not, there are a few of us on here with links to Japan shops who can forward the parts if you want

I keep meaning to compare with yrv turbo because people have told me that they carry a larger rear …but in searching part numbers it seems that there isn’t much different there

not that you really need them larger anyway

Thanks for the reply that’s a massive push in the right direction, thanks for taking the time.

shout out if you get stuck

All M100 shoes and drums I’ve come across are all the same.