Sirion M101 Dash Removal

I am rebuilding the World Cup Rally Sirion and I cannot get the dash out. It is loose around everywhere but front centre. I have removed the locating screw front and centre, but still no movement. Any help will be greatly appreciated. It is not helped with the roll cage legs pretty close to the dash. Unfortunately it is important to remove the rodent nest from the heater!!

Don’t you have a workshop manual? In those they explain how to remove a dash. Missing 1 or 2 screws isn’t a rarity.

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I only have the mechanical manual. No body or interior manual.

Is this something? On the bottom of the page there are some links

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Hi Morphius, I’ve been trying all afternoon, but can’t get past the first page!

“It ain’t much, but it’s honest work”

I hope this helps you!


Thank you for that. At first sight, it looks like I got most of the fixings, but I will look again tomorrow on the car. Thanks again.

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Hi! I recently removed the dashboard from a Sirion M100, from memory you almost have to get your head under the dash and I believe the passenger side airbag is bolt to the chassis rail that goes across the front of the car. This prevented me from getting the dash out.

Also if you have the stereo out, I think there may have been some screws behind the stereo too holding the dash to the chassis?

Just trying to remember as much as I can as I rushed this stage seeing as the Sirion will be scrapped due to removing its engine.


Thank you for the info, I will have another go at it at the weekend.