Sirion mk2 Seat Upgrades?


I’m from England (not the best way to start a thread :smiley: ) and I am looking at buying a MK2 Sirion. I assume they’re still called Sirion’s in Aussieland. I know they’re also named the Subaru Justy and the Daihatsu Boon, as well as the Perodua MyVi.

So, what I’m trying to do is find out what kind of seat upgrades there are for the vehicle. I’m really not keen on standard seats usually, and if I can’t change them, it might completely put me off buying them. I’ve read that the Sirion shares a lot of parts with the Yaris, and as such I liked the look of the T-Sport seats, but truth be told, the rails don’t look like they’ll fit. However the T3 seats look like they might fit better but they’re not particularly an upgrade.

I would rather avoid getting custom ones made. Cost a fortune, whereas a set of T-sports cost £120 for two.

Anyway, I have no idea how popular this Sirion is over in Australia so this might fall completely flat, but yeah, any advice would be great.


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What year Sirion? Do you mean 2004 onwards? Just checking as V1 here had an update and there could be confusion over that.