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Hey guys. The forum looks great. Does that thread I have started look right? I’m an old fart and not sure I’m posting the right way or in the correct sequence. How do I get gdrive pictures to embed? Most of my pics are too large to upload and it would be nice not to have to reduce the size of each.

Absolutely perfect your build thread you have started nothing wrong with it there.
We have to keep image sizes restricted as otherwise it will mount up quickly and the cost would no be worth keeping the forum up and running.
One way i get around it us using the snipping tool on windows. just bring up your picture, open snipping tool, select the area of your pic and the go to edit on tool bar and select copy on drop down box. then click on the page you doing your post in and click in box you you type etc and paste. I just tested it.

Hey mate

The sites software is pretty clever if it is linked to a .jpg,.png file etc it will use that link and embed the photo itself, it will also download copy of the image (within limit or dynamically resize) so that if that link becomes broken the site will use its internal copy.

The issue with Google drive however is that the URL that’s provided does not directly reference the image and there for the site can not translate it to a photo file. I just had a look around at using google drive for image hosting and found some people saying this tool is helpful


Thanks for the contribution you give to the site mate and if I come across a way to make it work ill let you know.

P.S. Jimmy’s snipping idea is good, and instead of the microsoft snipping application you could run Greenshot which does the same thing but you just press print screen to start snipping