Sloppy linkage fix

I usually never take photos or anything so today when I was modifying my linkages to take some slack out of them I thought I would take photos in the hope it helps someone in the future.

The issue I had was the gear stick had more movement in gear than a normal gear stick in neutral.
It was like stirring a pot trying to find gears.
The issue was the linkage / uni type part that is usually not removable from the shaft in at the back of the gearbox was so worn and oval or elongated on the locking pin holes it wasn’t funny.
If you zoom in on the first photo you can see the where in the pin as well on the big head of the rivet side. The small side is hard to tell because it is stepdown anyway.
This pin is like a pressed head sort of like a rivet and not removable without grinding the smaller head end off one side. ( I did not get a photo of the pin before I ground one side off)

Here in this first photo you can see the uni type joint I’m referring to and the pin with one end ground off lying next to it.
Also i used a 10 mm tap matching the bolt I was going to use of course and tapped the small and which is actually smaller than 10 mm
The only reason I tapped it was because I wanted the thread to run out right after the plastic bush so it was running on smooth shaft only and I could attach a knot to the other side when finished and would work like a locking nut.
350mm is the Length of the non threaded shaft of the bolt as the length was important because like I said I wanted the plastic insert bushes to run on smooth bolt not thread.

These next two photos show the metal plate I welded to the outside with a perfect 10 mm hole drilled in it and the 8 mm side tapped to 10mm.
I hope these photos are making sense…
Like I said the not was only to lock the thread not so much for anything else otherwise I would have used Nylok.
Hopefully you can see in the photo what I meant by the thread not being on the bush when fully tightened so only the thread was in the opposite side and I had to cut the bolt down to suit.


This is a photo of the bush re-installed in the car. I had to actually flip it upside down when I reinstalled it as the bolt was too long to insert in and was fouling on the gearbox so I fit it in from the opposite side. Didn’t make any difference in the end to its job and actually had good clearance all round. In the end it was awesome. No play at all in the gearstick that wasn’t meant to be there. A lot more positive now in the feel and no more wobbling when I drive or tapping off my knee in 5th…
Hope this helps someone out who has a sloppy shift linkage :wink:


Yeah I have 2 that are similar so thanks it will give me something to work with.

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Just get under first and check where the wear is.
You will get a better understanding of my description too.
I had to remove that cross brace thing bolted onto the subframe to get the grinder up there to grind the head off the non removable pin. It was the drivers side of the pin (smaller end) from memory.
Also helped with having the car in 1st. It sticks out more for room to grind.
The bolts were easily sourced from Bunnings in those little packs.