Slow Dai Boi

My first real car was a 2003 Daihatsu Cuore. It was Silver with a black bumper. It was the love of my life.
It had RSR lowering springs, custom exhaust, 14inch ssw rims, limited edition yellow JDM front strut brace, and a deep dish suede OMP steering wheel!

Unfortunately someone rear ended the it while my brother was driving. I ended up selling the car to my brother who also had a cuore and changed everything over to his one.

2 years have passed, I’ve had many cars over the years but none have ever satisfied me as much my cuore.

So I started looking high and low for a cuore with a strict criteria.

  1. Had to be manual
  2. Had to be under 100k on the clock.
  3. Body had to be straight.
  4. Had to be cheap. Mind you my first cuore had 90k on the clock, was looked after, modified, and only cost me 2k. This also included 6 months rego, full service, rwc.

So a couple months later I found this anime sex spec cuore.

  1. It was manual
  2. Only 80k on the clock
  3. Body was straight (even though the tailgate was bruised)
  4. But originally it wasnt cheap… $5000ish

Thanks to my brother, through negotiation, the price was lowered to $2500 which is a miracle Haha.

When I got the car I immediately removed the stickers because some kid told me they are from an incest anime…

I had the car detailed and ceramic coated. The outside is amazing but the interior detail was trashy.

But my plans for the car
All bushings replaced
Suspension and wheels
Gtvi Brakes conversion
Build bottom of the EJ and turbo
GTVi front and rear seats


Looks great. Welcome.

Having driven a turboed one and a K3Ve, I look into going to the 4cyl. The K3 is super driveable/nice/torque/power and will prob, in my opinion, be the cheaper route (yes a mate and I did the conversion on his some years ago). And if that is not enough then you can turbo that.

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Yeah I was thinking of the k3 route, if I find one I might keep it :slight_smile: everyone I spoke to said there is a noticable increase in power over the EJ.
In the end this dai is getting a turbo!

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Very nice, very clean!
I would’ve kept the itashas, incsesty or not, but that’s just me being jelly of wanting one so bad hahah¯_(ツ)_/¯
Welcome to l2d

Haha! I really want a super clean build so that’s why it came off Haha :slight_smile:

Besides getting new tyres, I had to spend so much time fixing the engine bay and its wiring catastrophe…

Steering wheel horn wiring
Tachometer wiring
Old speaker wiring

There was a long list of random not useful wires just laying around.

Initially the tacho was on the dashboard…
So I stripped all the tacho wires and rearranged them. And mounted it behind the steering wheel. (Also it’s the wrong tacho and I will change it eventually haha)

Next was removing the old speaker and sub wiring.
The previous owner cut the wires and grounded them in weird places. So pretty much all the carpet came out and I have to physically take them out.

Here is what he did

Here is what I did

Last was the horn wiring. Unfortunately the horn was bloody relocated to the cigarette lighter. Though it works fine, it isnt wired safely and I am not ready for a fire Haha


If you are looking to upgrade brakes, unless you specifically want 14inch wheels, I’d look at going to a copen brake setup. Will still be basically bolt on (have to remove dust shield) and be bigger and have better pad options.

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Actually I have 15inch at the moment. If I can source copen breaks I think that would be amazing!
Thanks for that :slight_smile:

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You will only need to find the Copen calipers as you would be best to get new rotors and pads.

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Very nice Cuore you have got yourself.

And if really keen Appluase rear to complement the front. Have done Copen frt and Applause rear on a really big HP L200 using std master cyl and the cross over factory bias valve. Rears improved things yet again after doing the big fronts.

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I just got a bad boi bonnet!
Gotta sand it down and prime it before painting it G37

Loving my car atm! Next is a wing haha


Looks amazing!

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