Smokey l700 2000

bought it a few weeks ago all was well then out of nowhere started smoking so far pretty sure its blue :confused: only under hard accelaration spark plugs arent oil though as i was suspecting rings off the bat
few drops of oil were in airbox so im unsure changed engine oil to a 20w50 didnt do anything
yet to do a compression test
blocked pcv?
anyone had anything similar?

How many km on the engine?

148000 so not a great deal

Due to poor maintenance from previous owners, it’s getting closer to needing a rebuild. Generally the oil smoke is a cause of gummed up rings. The spark plug on the right shows which cylinder could be a culprit.
20w-50 is quite a thick oil, maybe use a lighter grade. Newer engines are built with finer tolerances. Only use synthetic or semi synthetic

My money is on rings, if you’ve found oil in the airbox then its almost certain. The pcv valve is for positive crankcase ventilation. When it’s defective only 2 things can really happen, it gets stuck closed and pressure builds up in the crankcase which often leads to oil leaks, for example oil being forced out of the dipstick tube or it gets stuck open and not much really happens at all. I would say the rings are not completely gone but on their way out, your not getting oil past the rings into the cylinder but rather your losing compression into crankcase. A quick leakdown test will confirm.

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