So I bought another 1.3

So tonight on the way home from work I picked up this
Nothing flash but I really needed a donor car.
It’s 2002 sirion GTVi
It goes ok. First sirion Iv ever driven so yeah. (Even if it was only on and off the trailer)
Inside feels cool. Has power shit which was unexpected.
If anyone needs white gtvi panels… lol.


Is this the one from teven?

Umm u mean the suburb?
I can’t post the guys details on the forum…
Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:
I just thought it’s ok for donor parts.
He sorta was sad that I didn’t even want to test drive it. I told him it’s last trip was onto the trailer.
He didn’t laugh at all.

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So you are going to strip for parts? Bugger looks pretty clean, won’t be many left soon :frowning: side note, how much for skirts and foglights? And is it possible for you to cut a bit out around the foglights as i want to put into a different bumper :wink:

Lol. Did u want the whole bar? I can get it to Gold Coast soon.
Iv got a gearbox heading up there soon so a bar won’t matter. I can throw it on my ute.

yeh sorry Ive had a white gtvi In my sight’s for a while that is much closer but still far enough away to not justify getting it. I thought it may have been that one. If it was sold, i would feel relief, but until its gone the inner battle of to buy or not to buy will continue.

Haha. I know the feeling man.

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Nope cost too much in freight just the lights and around them to weld into another bar :slight_smile:

Pm me with an offer

Nice buy Paul, all this going in to the l200?

I love to try and get it in the 200. I think one of the 1.3 is going in one of the 700s but I’d still love to see if there’s any way of getting it in a 200
I’ve got both 1.3 motors now one from the GTVI and I’ve got that YRV as well so have something to play with I guess.

I don’t think there’s any space in 200, maybe the jb-det from the copen would be more suitable. I’ve seen those engines can get 100ps on YouTube, not sure what mods would make that achievable but it would be hella fun.

Does the yrv run the same k3-ve?

Yeah the YRV is k3 ve
I think it had like 5kw less than the gtvi.

@FrAsErTaG put a jb-det in thr trxx mira he had and its still going strong with the new owner years later.

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I wanna do it. Just gotta get the right info about what I need with box and so on.
My dad thinks I’m mad wrecking the gtvi. Lol

Do it, show him how mad it’ll be in a cuore! I saw a copen wreck being sold as a whole being, did you want the number?

Man if you seen my house right now you would understand why I can’t keep buying cars.
Let me sell some of these Elgrand s and I can focus more on daihatsus. Lol. How much out of curiosity? I always say no more but sometimes the price determines my destiny… lol

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Haha I wished I had your space! If you sell the elgrands you’ll be able to fit more daihatsu’s, just saying lol